"If You Do Not Know Where You are Going   - Then Any Road Will Do"

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You may be one of the many SME Owners Managers who started with a specific passion when family and friends suggested that you turn your passion into a business. All seems to be going along fine, the business "feels good" and no obvious "red flags" even though many questions you sense need answering : -

  • Why is my bank balance going into overdraft while revenues are increasing?

  • Why is the calculated profit margin not reflecting in my business accounts?

  • Which of my products or services should I be focusing on to optimise profits?

  • What are the real costs of my products or carrying out my services?

  • How is my business perceived by customers and from within by management/staff?

  • When should I be taking the next big step to expand and what are the risks?

  • What are my future cash flow needs, and the short medium term projections?

  • When I need to make major key decisions should I contact a business advisor?

  • Would I benefit from a mentor or coach to provide further guidance and advice?

  • What is my business worth now and what would a fair independent valuation be?