Clients' Comments

2003 - 2004 Project Manager – Commissioning Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital - Umtata

Mr Rod Allen - CEO Umtata Hospital Complex 

“From the beginning of the project, Herman enthusiastically displayed his full commitment towards the success of the project. He played an important role in identifying key role players early in the project. In addition, he held the interests of the consortium uppermost, ensuring that the SLAs were constructed in a fair and balanced manner. During the duration of the project his commitment was evident by his continued presence on site. All elements of the process were appropriately communicated to all stakeholders. In addition, there were occasions when he went beyond the scope of his responsibility and assisted management. Herman played a key role in the successful completion of the project.”

Mr Leon Dempers - Consortium Partner Director

“I had the pleasure of working with Herman over a period of some 12 months under project circumstances that were often trying and taxing, especially as far as communication and interpersonal relations were concerned. I am happy to provide these comments on Herman’s professional skills and performance.

  • Work quality : professional, conscientious, keen attention to detail and excellent delivery against deadlines and client expectations.

  • Inter personal style : empathetic, sensitive, friendly, frank, can be assertive when necessary without being aggressive and transparent.

  • Communication – written and verbal : appropriate, lucid, to the point and effective.”


2003 Project Manager – Strategic Analysis - Johannesburg

Dr P J Rossouw - Gauteng DoH Special Projects

“I have been involved in various projects where Mr Leyenaar was involved as a member or leader of the consultant team. Mr Leyenaar to my mind is an excellent team leader in that he is able to motivate all team members and personal styles, with the result that the client will receive a comprehensive but user friendly end document. His communication skills are of a very professional standard, however, during the process of investigation he also regularly communicates in a more informal manner, resulting in procuring much more important information from employees. Regular presentation meetings to discuss progress and to table interim reports are held and he always is prepared to investigate and adjust where any disagreements or differences were raised from the client side. It was not an attitude that the consultant was always correct. Without a doubt I can state that the quality of Mr Leyenaar’s work and reporting in all projects I was involved in was of a very high standard. It should also be noted that Mr Leyenaar has an excellent and wide knowledge of health services.”

Dr R Mitchell - Gauteng DoH IT Director 

“I had the pleasure to work together with Mr Leyenaar on a number of projects in the GDoH. During all of these interactions I have found Mr Leyenaar to be well prepared in the issues for the meeting/workshop. Mr Leyenaar has demonstrated an above average ability to interact and diffuse potentially sensitive issues to the acceptability of the participants. He strives with good success to facilitate win-win results. I have also found him to be particularly insightful when it comes to managing divergent persons. Mr Leyenaar has equally demonstrated a good analytical ability and this was evident around the development of the Strategic Positioning Statement for the GDoH. He showed a good understanding of the concepts and principles underlying the process. Lastly, I have found Mr Leyenaar to be very approachable in resolving issues no matter how trivial they may appear to be.“

Dr Brian Ruff – ex Gauteng DoH Senior Management 

“Working with Herman I have always experienced him as being :

  • A highly competent professional.

  • Intensely focused and driven by project objectives.

  • Intellectually gifted and capable of adding significant value in highly complex environments.

  • Great leader happy to take responsibility and provide direction, and

  • Respectful of colleagues but setting high standards for them as he does for himself.

I would be happy to recommend him for any position in which he has an interest as I believe he would be an asset to any organisation. There are few professionals in our country who are able to comfortably take on the multi-tasking demanded by many of our local projects.”


2002 Strategic Modelling Provincial Resources - Johannesburg

Leap Consortium Partners -Brigid Boltman and Chris Fourie

“We have worked with Herman over the past 4 years on various health related projects. We have always found him to be professional and meticulous in his approach to work. As a team member we found his contributions meaningful and valuable and he was always willing to go that extra mile. He set a high standard for himself and the others in team quality of work and timeous completion. His interpersonal relationships with clients and other team members are always friendly, courteous and helpful.”


2001 – 2002 Project Manager Process Re-Engineering Improvements -  Cape Town

Dr Japie du Toit – Chief Director PAWC DoH 

“Mr Leyenaar managed to utilise his previous experience in healthcare management. The quality of the work delivered by the team was of great value to the hospital and Mr Leyenaar’s contribution was particularly valuable. He arranged regular meetings and feedback sessions with management at the hospital as well as head office in order to ensure optimal communication with all stakeholders. He managed to resolve conflict situations where there was not agreement on who should take credit for savings achieved. His style is participatory and he managed to create a team spirit amongst the diverse project team membership.”


2000 - 2001 Project Manager – Financial/Activity Costs Centres – Port Elizabeth

Dr Charmaine Pailman – Head of Health Department 

“This project involved complex interpersonal dynamics. Mr Leyenaar was also directly responsible for the expenditure review and establishment of cost centres. My role provided me with the opportunity of a protracted period of a client service provider relationship with Mr Leyenaar. He consistently demonstrated high levels of professionalism and proficiency but most remarkably the ability to develop and maintain sound interpersonal relationships with various members of the client team, to the extent of being able to mobilise support and co-operation from officials who had time constraints. The outcomes of this project were presented to the National DHS Conference where the NMMM was awarded the Best Metro DHS Award. This project had contributory value towards this achievement.


2000 Project Manager -  Establishing Financial/Activity Costs Centres - Polokwane

Mr George Malan – PwC Partner :

“Herman’s project management skills were excellent and he managed the project profitably despite a tight budget set by the client. The project was completed and final report delivered within the target dates agreed with the department. His communication and interpersonal skills with senior management of the provincial department and hospital management were professional at all times. He managed to convince a very sceptical hospital superintendent to accept the bon fides of the firm and the project. He had the best interests of the firm in mind in his interaction with the client. He always acted professionally towards PwC local staff and managed them well on the project through proper coaching. This contributed to the successful completion of the project. We only received positive feedback from the client on this assignment and this was mainly due to the professional and effective conduct of Herman.”