Employers' Comments

2002 Group Organisational Design and Personnel Structure - Dubai

PwC Partner Mr Bob Hawkins :

“Shashi and I both agreed that you made a valuable contribution to the project. You contributed fully in your capacity as subject matter expert in health care. You maintained a very positive and knowledgeable sharing attitude in all your dealings with both team and client.”

2000 Project Manager -  Establishing Financial/Activity Costs Centres - Polokwane

Mr George Malan – PwC Partner

“Herman’s project management skills were excellent and he managed the project profitably despite a tight budget set by the client. The project was completed and final report delivered within the target dates agreed with the department. His communication and interpersonal skills with senior management of the provincial department and hospital management were professional at all times. He managed to convince a very sceptical hospital superintendent to accept the bon fides of the firm and the project. He had the best interests of the firm in mind in his interaction with the client. He always acted professionally towards PwC local staff and managed them well on the project through proper coaching. This contributed to the successful completion of the project. We only received positive feedback from the client on this assignment and this was mainly due to the professional and effective conduct of Herman.”



Dr Japie du Toit – Hospital Manager N1 City Hospital 

“I reported to Mr Leyenaar as the Cape Region Regional Manager for NetCare when I was working as general manager for NetCare’s N1 City Hospital. I found him very supportive with an easy and open communication style. He was comfortable to delegate responsibility to those reporting to him, giving leadership and strategic direction where needed. The team of hospital managers reporting to Mr Leyenaar had a good team spirit and there was good cohesion and support for him”


1991 - 1996    REGIONAL DIRECTOR -  Cape Town

Mr Dick Sudweeks Ernst & Young MCS Cape Town – Managing Partner 

“Herman brought to the day to day running of the project an outstanding sense of capability, loyalty and resourcefulness. He was at all times thorough and professional, both in dealing with members of the project team, numbering around ten, and with the client. In this consulting and project management role his talents were required to the full, and he excelled in his performance.

Mr Philip Strachan – National Exco Partner

“Herman through your leadership, your commitment and dedication we, as consultants, have contributed enormously to cost management within the Public Health Care Sector. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your loyalty and commitment to the MAP project. Herman I would like to congratulate you and your team on managing to successfully negotiate the new (third) contract.”



Mr Mornay Mahoney – Dun & Bradstreet  VP and General Manager Europe 

“I found Herman’s technical skills to be excellent and his analytical skills everything and more that one might expect from someone in his position. His standards of performance are also of the highest level.”

Mr Eugene English – Dun & Bradstreet VP and Regional Manager Europe

“I found Herman to be very knowledgeable in the finance area and always willing to put in extra time needed to get the job done. He was highly organised and brought a refreshing viewpoint. Herman was to a large extent responsible for a $5 million operating profit improvement through the restructuring programme we put together for the region.”

Mr William Marshall – General Manager Dun & Bradstreet Spanish Subsidiary

“I worked closely with Herman during 1988 and 1989. Not only did I find his support helpful in resolving the problems which affected Spain, but his approach was thoroughly practical. This approach to problems, accompanied by a strong sense of what running a business is about, made it possible to work through numerous problems in an efficient and effective way.”


1982 - 1987  Arcotronics BV GROUP DIRECTOR OF FINANCE - London

Mr Stan Williams – Group CEO 

“In my experience, I can vouch that Herman is a man of impeccable integrity, outstanding industry and ability, and contributed significantly to the substantial growth in the profitability of the group”

Mr Willi Deneke – Managing Director : Germany 

“Herman, I was glad having you often as an equalising counterbalance against different territorial interests. Your excellent performance in financial, banking and international negotiation affairs were of great assistance, when you were also managing director (joint) of the German Companies.”

Mr Franco Savoia – Managing Director : Italy

“I regret that you could not continue your activity in Italy with us and share the satisfaction and the difficulties.”


1980 - 1981 Harlequin Enterprises Inc SPECIAL PROJECTS EXECUTIVE - London

Mr John Boon CBE – Chairman Harlequin Overseas 

“Herman prepared feasibility studies in Turkey and the Arab World, the latter was a particularly well planned project. He also halted the deterioration of the financial reporting in Sweden and quickly and decisively appointed new staff and set up new systems and controls. I personally had a high opinion of his work there. Herman is hard working and determined and has high integrity. From his background and experience he is used to working with other nationalities. He is not afraid to make up his mind and to take difficult decisions. In other words, he has good management abilities.”


1977 - 1979  Capital for Industry - FINANCIAL CONTROLLER - London

Mr Anthony Good – Chairman Cox & Kings (PVT) Ltd

“I was much impressed by Herman’s competence, efficiency and integrity, as I was in all my dealings with him over the period.”