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  • ACCOUNTS designed to reflect areas of your business for Improved Management Reporting requirements.

  • MONTHLY MANAGEMENT REPORTS for Controlling and Managing using meaningful data as information.

  • BUDGETS essential to ensure Stay on Track with Highlighted Variances from expected planned activities.

  • KPAs and KPIs designed as Financial and Non-financial Indicators are important to measure performance.

  • COST / PROFIT CENTRES to align Responsibility and Accountability for products / services / departments.

  • FINANCIAL 3 YEAR REVIEW to promote benign aspects concerning subtle unnoticed or unplanned changes. 



  • COSTING ELEMENTS for Products or Services into Direct, Variable, Semi-variable, Indirect or Fixed.

  • REAL COSTS must be known and understood to maintain a Competitive Edge with Optimal Pricing.

  • MARGINAL CONTRIBUTION COSTING for decisions to Optimize Profits especially if there is surplus capacity.

  • FULL ABSORPTION COSTING to determine BREAK EVEN point and allow for Strategic Pricing Decisions.



  • ORGANOGRAM to better understand HUMAN RESOURCE demands by Skills Aligned to Tasks / Outputs.

  • SYSTEMS and PROCESSES mapped to streamline and enhance Overall Efficiencies and Effectiveness.​​

  • BUSINESS SELF ASSESSMENT perception HEALTH CHECK using STARR to identify Weaknesses / Strengths.

  • GROUP FACILITATION using GOLDdrops or PriorityONE for CANDID DEBATE resulting in Optimal Outcomes.

  • NON-EXECUTIVE role, with monthly / quarterly retainer, to provide Independent Comment  as appropriate.

  • MENTORING / COACHING  “sounding board” for owners / senior managers to Improve and Strengthen Skills.



  • HEALTH CHECKS of KPAs of the business to UNDERPIN MANAGEMENT - The Woods from the Trees.

  • SCENARIO MODELLING Financial / Non-Financial inputs to Support Decisions with Long Term Outcomes.

  • TURNAROUND STRATEGY assistance-support-direction, using various tools - Avoid Getting into Dire Straits.

  • SURVEY CUSTOMERS find out what they think of your PRODUCTS & SERVICES to Enhance Quality & Image.

  • NON EXECUTIVE board / senior management to Support, Guide, Double Check Important Decisions.



  • BUSINESS VALUATION of your business should an owner want to Sell or for Estate Planning Purposes.

  • ANOTHER BUSINESS if interested in Purchasing to Ensure Paying a Fair and Reasonable Price.

  • EXECUTIVE board management position to Support, Guide, Double Check Important Decisions.



  • HOSPITALS COST CENTRES determine department costs and to Allocate Resources to Match Demands.

  • NURSING STAFFING MODEL with patient acuities to Optimize Nurses Allocation for Best Patient Care.